About Us


Our Goal

    To breed and provide healthy, happy  puppies for our clients and their families.

    Hand in hand we strive to achieve this by increasing the gene pool of canines while looking outside the traditional "kennel" organizations that frown upon crossbreeding therein continuing to create genetic imperfections.


Our Breeding Stock

    Our breeders are more to us than a financial investment.  They are part of our family and were handpicked from reputable breeders across several states.  We chose specific characteristics in all of our dogs to realize the best aspects of this new breed. 


Our Commitment

    To insure that each one of our breeders and their puppies are given everything that they require to ensure our clients receive healthy, happy animals. We are steadfast in the principle to place our puppies in homes that will continue to care for and love them as much as we do.

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Pond House Pomsky

510 Good Hill Rd, Woodbury, CT 06798, US

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